Arcade Links

Here’s a compilation of working links I’ve collected that should aid you with this awesome hobby.  There’s no way I can compile all the links out there on the web.  These are just a few that I’ve found that have valuable information for collectors.  If your site is not listed here, send me an e-mail and I’ll list it.  If your site is listed here and you don’t want it to be, do the same and I’ll remove it.

General Information:
KLOV – Killer List of Video Games – This is the definitive online video game database.
VAPS – Video Arcade Preservation Society – Get your membership now.
The Arcade Flyer Archive
– The motherload of flyers!
RePlay Magazine – One of the few magazines dedicated for this hobby.
The Arcade Shipping Database – Need that game shipped to your door?  Look no further…
MAME – Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
Twin Galaxies – The Official Video Game Scoreboard. – Good search tool to find all types of chips.
Space Invaders Multigame – Here’s a good link to help you with your Space Invaders Multigame adventure.
Starcade “The TV Show” – A stroll back through memory lane via the classic original arcade gameshow!

The Collectors:
Arcade Restoration Workshop – A wealth of information.  Brien King has created an awesome site.
The Basement Arcade – This is one of the best sites on the internet.
Dragon’s Lair Project – All things laser disk.
ARCADECOLLECTING: COM – A good source for PCB info, pictures, and newbie section.
JROK Land – A great source for PCB and Schematic information. – Another site for you Sinistar freaks.
Robotron-2084 – A classic UK site dedicated to the preservation of Williams games, mainly Robotron 2084.
Al’s Arcade – Wanna learn how to do a Cap Kit yourself…this is the place.
Arcade-Classics – Evil Exidy’s hangout.

Arcade Graphics and Art:

CAGA – Classic Arcade Game Art
Phoenix Arcade  

Parts and Games for Sale:

Mike’s Arcade Shop
TheRealBobRoberts – Coin Op Parts
Arcadeshop Amusements (

Happ Controls – Everything you need to put that multigame system together.
Sabcal Wholesale – Get your Anti-Static bags here, help preserve those PCBs!
Wizzes Workshop
Rec Room Amusements
Brady Distributing Company
Eldorado Games – Need a new PCB?

Auction Game Sales

Electronics Tutorials/Help:
Randy Fromm’s Arcade School
Williamson Labs

Forums and Newsgroups:
KLOV Forum