Doc Friday

Back in the late 1990’s, I used to be in a rock band called “Doc Friday.” It was a time of great fun and we played some great venues. We had quite the following.  Here are the songs from the Medicine Man album and a few bonus tracks from one of the live venues for your listening pleasure.  I still have CDs of the Medicine Man album available.  If you would like one, just send me an e-mail.  They’re $10 shipped. Click on any of the song titles below to play the audio.

From the album “Medicine Man”

1 – Burnin’ Time

2 – Wings of a Giant

3 – I Want To Believe

4 – Never Look Back

5 – Gun Fighter

6 – Devil In Disguise

7 – Tears In My Eyes

8 – Seeing’s Believing

9 – Is It Real?

10 – End Of Time

Bonus Tracks (live)

1 – Spanish Main

2 – Joker’s Wild

3 – Key To Your Heart

4 – Riding The Wind

5 – Suicide

6 – The Ocean’s Wide

All songs are Copyright by Doc Friday Music.