HDTV Antenna

DIY HDTV Antenna – 70+ miles

I decided to build a High Definition TV Antenna from scrap parts I had lying around the garage. This thing is an engineering marvel and I built it for about $10. Some of you will say, “You could have bought one and saved your time!” I sure could have, but what fun would that have been? Plus an equivalent commercial antenna (like a DB8) would have cost $130+. There’s something to say about designing and building something with your hands from scrap and making it work.

It’s based on a double-array UHF Bow Tie antenna and I added an extra Folded Dipole for the lone VHF TV frequency. One channel in my area is still clinging to the VHF, so that’s what the Folded Dipole at the top is for.

I hung this thing up in the attic (in a single story house) and did a channel scan on the TV. I’m now getting 120 HDTV channels now for free! That’s FREE.99 folks, well minus the initial investment of $10. I’m getting channels from over 70 miles away…all crystal clear. I haven’t hooked it up to a spectrum analyzer to measure the gain yet, but I bet it’s 18dBm+.

If you’re interested in building your own and you want help, click on the link below for the plans. This thing looks like junk but it is awesome!

Click HERE for the plans.