Meet Jackwagon 1 and Jackwagon 2

Jackwagon 1 and Jackwagon 2

So I came across this story today where a Florida man was beaten because he stopped three jackwagons from beating a turtle to death.  This lady had witnessed three of these idiots picking up a turtle and slamming it down repeatedly on a sidewalk trying to break its shell.  Terrified, the lady went home and told her husband about it.

The man, a disabled Navy veteran, came out and asked this group of worthless idiots to stop trying to kill the turtle and to let it go back into a nearby pond.  Outraged, the three jackwagons turned on the Navy veteran and started beating him.  They kept beating the man until finally some neighbors came out and chased them away.

Later, the three idiots were picked up by the police and charged with animal cruelty and aggravated battery.  The Navy veteran suffered a broken skull, broken facial bones, a concussion, and internal bleeding.  The turtle was found dead when the police arrived.

The third individual is not being identified because he is 16 years old, even though he committed the crime just like the other two idiots pictured above.

You guessed it, the US Navy Veteran, injured during the Persian Gulf War, was white.

All three of these individuals need to make small rocks out of big rock for a very long time.  We have got to stop this insanity that is running rampant through this country.  People need to be held accountable for their actions.

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